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Hi. I’m Rhonda Kay,

I am excited about helping you optimize your website using my simple approach to SEO. The techniques in this ebook are part of my insider secrets to that I have used for years to get results for clients. In this ebook I am sharing one of my best strategies with you in 3 easy steps.

“I believe every person with a website should be generating some kind of revenue with it. SEO can help. Any investment you make in your website, time or money, is worth it!”


When I first started building websites, I originally wanted to solve peoples technical problems of not being able to create their own sites. Then I learned that having a website is not enough. People wanted results. They wanted to be found. They wanted to get leads so they could get buyers! So clients came back to ask me if I could help them get found on page 1 the search engines and I got pretty good at it.

I discovered a way of implementing websites to where they would naturally begin to rank high and with little effort. Then added this process to my Leadzy website platform. Search Engine Optimization skills can take a long time to master but that you can begin using starting to yield a lifetime of results!